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Cue Accessories

Model: PP2461BLU
 It is a must for players to always keep their cues clean and dry. This has just become easier thanks to the microfiber cue towel from Peradon, available in Grey or Blue colours and proudly bears the Peradon trademark. ..
Model: PP2470
 A cueing glove is essential certain for players and this black cueing glove is made of nylon and gives players superior smoothness of cueing. Left-hand only.     ..
Model: PP1610C
  This bumper weight also serves as a butt protector and easily fits directly to the butt end joint of current Peradon snooker or pool some 8 ball pool cues. It will around 1 to 1 ½ oz to the weight of the cue.  ..
Spacer Weight Spacer Weight
In Stock
Model: PP1615C
  A space weight made of solid brass, this will add around 3 oz weight to the cue and lengthens it by ¾ of an inch. It can easily fit all Peradon ¾ jointed snooker cues.  ..
Nylon Butt Protector Nylon Butt Protector
Out Of Stock
Model: PP1612C
  This nylon black butt protector fits directly to the butt end joint. It is easy to put on, just screw it into the butt end of all current Peradon cues and you are good to go.    ..
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