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Rules of Snooker & English Billiards (W.P.B.S.A.)
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Model: D5634
The Rules of Snooker and English Billiard book contains the official rules of the two aforementioned games and is produced by the World Snooker Association. It is a good read for those who are interested in the games and would like to learn more. It is a valuable addition to any serious player’s boo..
Sheet Rules of Snooker
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Model: D5644
These sheet rules are the official rules from the World Snooker Association that is published in sheet form. This is a very good reference point to the rules of the game for anybody who wants to play the game correctly.  ..
Sheet Rules of Billiards
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Model: D5646
This sheet contains the rules of the traditional game of Billiards. This is a very comprehensive sheet fo the full rules of the game for those who would like to know and understand this great game more.  ..
Old Cue Making Prints (16 ½ Inch x 23 ½ Inch)
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Model: D5760
This is a set of four sepia prints of old pictures taken in years gone by in the Peradon cue factory in the UK.  ..
Dog Prints (20 Inch x 15½ Inch)
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These dog prints is a set of five humorous pictures depicting dogs playing pool and generally just having a good time shooting pool. The pictures are made by American illustrator Arthur Sarnoff.    ..
Model: D50011
  These handicap sheets are to be used for knock-out competitions. This is suitable for use of up to 64 players but can be used for smaller groups by simply skipping a round.      ..
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