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Tipping Equipment

Model: PP2212C
  This nylon tip fastener is ideal if you want to tackle replacing the tip on your cue . It is placed on the end of the shaft with the top keeping the new tip in place. The collar is the pulled down to fix the new tip in position until the glue has thoroughly dried.  ..
Model: PP2219C
  This little tip sander might be small but remember what they say, great things come in small packages! This superb sander shapes tips accurately and can easily fit into your cue case.    ..
Model: PP2207C
  Unlike any other glue you find in stores, the Tipping Super Glue Gel in tubes give you strong adhesion. It also has gel that does not absorb too quickly so you have ample time to tip your cue without any problems.    ..
Model: PP2218C
This tip sander comes in a curved shape. It is made to hold the sand paper in a curve making not only it easy to shape the tip but also making it precise. Supplied complete with ten sander refills.    ..
Model: A2209
  Made by the same company that gave us the Elkmaster tip, the Tweeten 10-minute tipping cement  is the best choice for fitting any leather cue tip.    ..
Model: A2216BLA
This fantastic 3-in-1 tool comes in a especially designed round shape to fit over the cue tip to easily shape and polish snooker pool cue tips. It has a tool end that can be removed to reveal a tip aerator and pricker to roughen the surface of the tip. This is lightweight and can easily fit in pocke..
Model: PP2210C
  The Boxwood tip fastener is a traditional fastener which also comes with steel file to ensure that before tipping, the top of the cue is absolutely flat. The new tip is kept in place by the brass loop and then the collar is pulled down to fix it in the correct position on the cue shaft. Th..
  This ferrule fitting machine comes with two cutting blades which can be removed. It can also hold shafts of 11 to 15mm in diameter.  ..
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