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1pc Club Pool Cues

Model: QR1521
This 52” cue is made for use in pubs and pool halls. It features 11mm screw in tips and 11 brass ferrules. The cues are weighted and come with painted butts...
Peradon Merit 1pc Ash Snooker Cue 10mm Tip
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Model: Q1034
Made in England for Clubroom use by Peradon, the Merit one piece cue has a Rosewood front splice and comes in four lengths. This particular model is 42” in length and comes with a brass ferrule and a stick on Blue chrome 10mm leather tip.Also supplied in 48 Inch, 54 Inch and 58 Inch models, select t..
Model: QR001
These one-piece cues made of Ramin wood are designed for use at home, pool hall, or Pub. They feature an 11mm Screw Tip in a brass ferrule with a simulated black butt detail. Available in four sizes 57", 52", 48" & 36" versions...
Brand: Peradon Model: Q1011
An excellent addition to any pool room, this Cannon Club one piece cue is 57 Inch in length with an ash shaft and a machine spliced hardwood butt. It comes with a brass ferrule and 10mm Screw-in tip for effortless tip changing..
Model: Q1010
This one piece cue made of ash is 57 Inch in length. It comes with a coloured butt section; 10mm glue on tip; as well as a brass ferrule. It is supplied in mixed weights and offers good value for money for players who wish to have a billiard room complete with a full compliment of accessories...
Model: QR1404
This 57 Inch cue is made for American pool hall use. It has a 13mm white fibre ferrule; Green coloured butt section; and 13m stick on leather tip...
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