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Pool Tables

At The Billiard Company we offer Ireland’s most comprehensive range of pool, American pool and pool dining tables & accessories, displaying a selection of most tables in our showrooms at 111 Marlborough Street, Dublin 1, D01 EK70.

Our team have an unrivalled experience gained from decades of participating in playing and working within the cue sports business. We take great pride in having an in-depth knowledge of all of the pool tables that we supply and are only too happy to help answer and many or as few queries as you have on our range of products.

English / UK Style Pool Tables

We carefully select only the highest quality tables produced from the best quality materials available on the market which enables us to guarantee the very best standards of play. All of our slate bed free play and coin operated English pool tables are made in England by the best manufacturers in the business. Our selection of tables offer everything from ultra durable, retro pub style tables to more traditional designs that offer a piece of high quality furniture, built to last for generations to enjoy using.

Slate Bed Pool Tables

The benchmark for a quality table is still a slate bed and all of our full specification English pool tables are supplied with this as standard, whether it is for your dream games room table or equipping a pub, club or community centre with a new fully commercial coin operated table a slate bed table will provide years of quality play for all that use it.

Pool Dining Tables

For anyone looking to really maximise their living space why not consider a multi-purpose option of a table that caters for dining and playing a real game of pool. All of our pool diner tables are dual use, slate bed tables and offer a unique solution for a seldom used dining room or the more modern open plan kitchen dining area. The pool table is hidden from view and well protected underneath a matching table top that can be removed in seconds for play. A fantastic way to make the dining area of your home a real centrepiece for some serious fun.

Please contact us on Tel: 01 872 9420 or email: with any queries you may have.

Table Features:-* Genuine slate bed provides the ultimate playing surface. * All wool-napped wool cloth, available in either Green, Blue, Red, or Maroon as standard.* Polished chrome teardrop corners as on a commercial table. * Also available in a 6ft model * Full-size cushion rubber giving excellen..
Solid slate table with a touch of furniture class, available in 6ft & 7ft.  Accessories include:Set 2" Spots & Stripes Polymer Pool Balls2 x cuesTriangle Chalk.  Table Specifications* Available in Light Oak, Dark or Light Walnut, Black or White Finishes* Fitted with pure wool n..
Marlborough Slate Pool Table Marlborough Slate Pool Table
2/4 Weeks
Table Information:* Available in 6' & 7' sizes. * Internal ball return system. * Precision 19mm ground slate. * Teardrop top frame corners in modern Chrome finish.  * Modern square matching legs with reeded detail.  * Metallic trim on the ball return aperture. * Adjustable feet f..
The Pro Diner pool table is available in both 6ft and 7ft sizes, supplied with a 2pc Matching table top to easily convert from playing pool to dining and back again.Pro Diner Table SpecificationsHidden ball collection drawer opening.Internal centre ball return system.Precision 19mm 1pc Genuine slate..
Blackball Elite Pool Table Blackball Elite Pool Table
2/4 Weeks
Blackball Tables are manufactured entirely in the UK using only the best quality materials available on the market, The Blackball table has been developed and designed by the legendary 8 Ball pool player Ross McInnes to provide the ultimate quality of play. Ross has drawn on his 30 year's experie..
Abbey Pool Diner Table Abbey Pool Diner Table
2/4 Weeks
Available in 6ft & 7ft sizes, Complete with 2 piece matching dining top.   Abbey Pool Diner Table Specifications Internal ball return system.   Precision 19mm ground slate.   Metal chrome top frame corner in Chrome or Antique Brass.   Modern square..
Sorrento Pool Diner Table Sorrento Pool Diner Table
2/4 Weeks
Available in 6ft & 7ft sizes, complete with 2pc matching Dining Table Top Sorrento Table Specifications: Internal ball return system (One end of the table) High quality, precision 19mm 1pc Slate Metal Chrome or Brushed brass top frame corners Modern square legs with matching cabinet detail ..
Lewis Pool Dining Table Lewis Pool Dining Table
New Pre-Order
Model: CLEWIS7.2
The Lewis Pool Dining table is a premium, French-manufactured table, crafted from the highest quality materials by Billiard Montfort of Missillac, France, where they have been producing Billiard tables since 1908.This exceptional table is available in either English or American Pool options usi..
Tournament Coin Operated Pool table Tournament Coin Operated Pool table
Out Of Stock
Tournament Table Specification. Made completely in England. 6ft and 7ft Sizes Available Superleague Specification. Ideal for commercial use e.g., Pubs, clubs & other commercial ventures.  Interchangeable drawer units offering mechanical or multi-coin operation.  Secure ..
Cornilleau Hyphen Outdoor Pool Table Cornilleau Hyphen Outdoor Pool Table
New Pre-Order
Brand: Cornilleau Model: TT213120
The Hyphen Pool Table is an outdoor pool table that combines excellent design, elegance, and outdoor fun. Drawing from its expertise developed while designing their renowned outdoor Table Tennis Tables which are famous for their exceptional quality and durability, Cornilleau has used all of its know..
Model: C8ILEDEF8.5
The Ile de France is a UK Style pool table supplied with a 2-inch diameter English pool table size as standard. Depending on its size this model table can be supplied with various slate bed types in either 1pc or 3pc versions over the size range from 7ft, 8ft, and 8ft 6 Inch models.Featured in the..
Model: TT127143
Full-size indoor table tennis conversion kit that will rest conveniently on any suitably sized flat surface. Instantly turns an empty space into a full-size table tennis court & will easily fold away in 2 separate pieces when not in use. Accessories Included: 2 reverse sponge bats, 3 bal..
American Pool Table Bucket Pockets. Set of 6
Out Of Stock
Model: F4587
These American pool table bucket pockets come in a set of 6 and they fit most Brunswick style tables and are supplied complete with fixing screws.  ..
American Pool Table Gulley Pockets
Out Of Stock
Model: F4587
This American style pool table gulley pockets come in a set of 6 and fit most Brunswick style tables. Supplied complete with fitting screws...
These bar billiard skittles are made of wooden and come in a mushroom shape. Sold in a set of four; one red, one black and two white. The wide top of these skittles prevents it from getting stuck by chance in a hole and the domed tops cover holes just nicely if required at the end of the game...
These bar billiard table numbers are made of metal plate. They come in a set of 20 and are to be used for bar billiards tables...
This bar billiard table ring comes in a set of 9 and is made of plastic. The diameter of the interior ring is 55mm and the outer ring is 66mm however, it may need to be sanded down to fit well. The hole linings are slightly tapered and the rings need to be glued inside each hole..
Model: SS1EURO
The Euro/Token Essex straight six pool table coin mechanism is used as standard on most pool tables. It comes preset with €1 price of play but it can be altered to suit your needs or the game that you require.  It has six coin slots that will fit €1, €2, 10cent, 20cent and 50cent coins. If your..
Model: P40101
If you are looking to replace your old pockets or you simply want new ones, these pool table pocket liners is the best choice. This pocket liner fits most 7ft English pool tables and come in a set of six (four corners and two middles)    ..
Model: F4585
These Supreme pool table gulley boots come in a set of six and are made for Supreme English pool tables but they do also fit other pool tables. These gulley boots are the tracks that take the ball from the pocket and into the centre runway of the pool table...
Model: P4584
These pool table pocket liners are dinstinctive to Supreme as they are compatible to use with all pool tables from Supreme. No nails will show as the front lip is hidden behind the cushion. The liners also have a rubber lip to locate the main pool table frame. These original liners are sold in a set..
2 ¼ Inch Table Bowls (4 pairs of bowls with jack & chute)
Out Of Stock
Model: B8630
2 ¼ Inch Table Bowls (4 pairs of bowls with jack & chute)..
2 Inch Table Bowls (4 pairs of bowls with jack & chute)
Out Of Stock
Model: B8600
  Table bowls is a skillful game meant to be played by 2 players and is designed to be played on a flat surface such as a billiards table and it is very popular in Australia and Northern England. This 2-inch table bowl set is made by Drakes Pride and it includes one unbiased jack, four pairs..
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