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Bowls Care and Grips

Brand: Drakes Pride Model: DP6379
We supply polish for all composition plastic bowls and grips to aid in the delivery of the bowls...
Brand: Drakes Pride Model: DP6380
A specially formulated compound for removing small scratches from composition bowls...
Brand: Drakes Pride Model: DP6370
If your hand keeps slipping while bowling then this is for you. A tacky cloth to enhance your grip.Use as often asd you like.Safe for hands and gloves.No more over gripping.Will not stain.Non toxic.Re-seal bag after use...
Brand: Drakes Pride Model: DP6305GRE
Soft microfibre towel 55cms x 25cmsSuper AbsorbentQuick DryingLeaves bowls dry and easy to gripAvailable in Green or Yellow..
Polishing Kit
Out Of Stock
Brand: Drakes Pride Model: DP6381
A full kit to take care of your bowls.Polishing kit containing :-Bowls SheenPolishing SleeveTube of Betts Bowls GripPack of 4 ID MarkersIdeal Gift for the bowler...
Brand: Drakes Pride Model: DP6325
Designed to be used with bowls sheen to clean your bowls..
Brand: Drakes Pride Model: DP6377
A citrus based bowls wax specially formulated to give both a high shine and incredible grip to the surface of the bowl.60g Tubs..
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