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Cue Cases

Model: A2692
Fits all standard 2pc Snooker & Pool Cues Extremely sturdy Aluminium outer casing with foam inner lining to keep cue in place Seperate chalk / Tip storage area Two lockable catches supplied with spare key. Robust carring handle with comfort grip. ..
Model: A2646
Fits all standard 2pc snooker and pool cues Sturdy boxwood design with new black clasps & handle. Felt lined interior for cue protection Room for spare chalk & tips 880grams - Postage Weight..
Model: A2626
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Model: A2647
  If you want a black attaché style cue case, this is certainly worth considering . It comes with a black flocked foam interior that helps keep the cue in place. It also comes with a compartment created just for push on cue extensions as well as another small area for Chalks, Tips, etc. &..
Model: A2615BLA
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Model: A2531
  Made from strong PVC material, the cue sleeve for one piece cue is easy to use. Equipped with a Velcro opening, it is simple to take out and put your cue in. You may also hang the cue when not in, thanks to the eyelet on one end.     Interior Length ..
Model: A2620
  Made from durable black nylon designed for hard wear, the Black Nylon short zip cue case for two piece cue features an opening with a zipper that ensures quick and easy access to your cue. It has storage for a 2pc center jointed cue. The case’s side comes with a Velcro fastened pocket with..
Model: A2561
  Equipped with a black flocked foam to securely hold your cue in place, the attaché case for one piece cue made by Peradon is a worthy addition to any collection of cues and cue cases.The interior has two foam channels that will hold one piece cue; screw in extensions and even two cues. ..
Model: A2591
  A special case for an equally special cue, the Silver aluminium case for one piece cue offers maximum protection so that every time you take your cue out, it is in superb condition. The interior features a black flocked foam to hold your cue in place.  The interior can hold screw..
Model: A2653BLA
  If you are looking for cue case which offers excellent value for money , the Clubman case for two piece cues is the perfect investment. Made from leatherette for that robust yet attractive look, it features attractive embroidery with the Peradon logo.The interior is made with mock suede an..
Model: A2571BLA
  This attractive and robust case with leather look covering and attractive embroidery offers superb value for money. The mock sued interior is padded to hold the cue securely in place.   Interior Length 61 Inch (155cm) Exteri..
Model: A2592BLA
  What do you get a snooker player who wants nothing but the best? The Black Halo thin case for one piece cue! Constructed from aluminium that offers maximum protection and appeal, it has an exterior made with hard wearing leatherette making the cue case very appealing.The hinge is what make..
Black 2pc Leather Case Black 2pc Leather Case
Out Of Stock
Model: A2695
  Peradon is known not only for its cues but also for its equally appealing cue cases. Made from black leather and one of the company’s truly stunning leather cases, this case is crafted by hands full of skill and talent. Attention to detail is given so that nothing is missed. The case lives..
One Piece Wide Halo Case One Piece Wide Halo Case
Out Of Stock
Brand: Peradon Model: A2593LDIP
 If you need a wide case for your cue, you need not look any further. The Halo wide case for a one-piece cue is durable and appealing. Made of aluminium to better protect your cue, it does not only serve its primary purpose, but it also has a classy overall finish. The integral part of the cue ..
One Piece Thin Leather Case One Piece Thin Leather Case
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Model: A2595.BLABLU.PAT
  Made of high quality black leather, the Peradon thin leather cue case for one piece cues is one of the most stunning handmade leather cases on the market. This case not only looks great in photographs, it looks even better in reality . It is constructed with the utmost care of the skilled ..
One Piece Wide Leather Case One Piece Wide Leather Case
Out Of Stock
Model: A2596BLA
  A cue case made from black and blue leather made with utmost care and dedication by some of the best leather craftsmen, the wide leather cue cause for one piece cues is one that delivers a very high quality with an unrivalled quality of finish . It is  is the perfect gift for any seri..
Model: A2627
  Made from black PVC material that can easily withstand wear and tear, this reliable and durable cue case comes with a full length zip that gives players easy access to their cue and extensions.   The interior is lined with fleece and has separate compartments for the cue and the..
Model: A2648
For a simple and affordable cue case , you need not look any further than this attache style case in black. It features an interior of flocked foam also in black to hold your cues securely in place while in storage.   Interior Length 51 ¼ Inch (130.5cm) ..
Brand: Peradon Model: A2693
  Constructed from aluminium, this silver case not only looks good, it also offers premium protection for your cue . The hinge is the cue’s integral part which is also responsible for its robust design .Equipped with premium quality chrome catches, the case can be locked to keep your cues sa..
Model: A2656BLA
An attractive case with a leather look, the Clubman case is a purchase you won’t regret. The exterior of the robust case has attractive embroidery of the Peradon logo and the interior is made of mock suede which is padded to ensure that your cue is well secured in place. There is also a different co..
Model: A2674BLA
Halo Case for 3/4 Jointed Cue & Extension Halo cases are of aluminium construction and offer both maximum cue protection and superb looks. The exterior is upholstered with hard wearing leather look material to create a very attractive cue case. The hinge is an integral part of the shape of the ..
Model: A2675BLA
Cue Case for 3/4 Jointed Snooker or Pool Cues and Screw in Extensions An attractive and extremely robust cue case with all the standard features if the Halo cue case series with the added bonus of a very handy shoulder strap for those who frequently travel with their cue. The case itself is m..
Black & Brown Patchwork 'Leather Look' ¾ Case Black & Brown Patchwork 'Leather Look' ¾ Case
Out Of Stock
Model: A2681BROPAT.
  A beautifully styled black and brown patchwork “leather look” ¾ case features a very attractive black and brown patchwork design which will surely be the envy of your friends.The case’s interior comes with a black and brown mock suede finish and also provides for a separate compartment for..
Brand: Peradon Model: A2676BLAGRE
Extra Wide cue Case for 3/4 Jointed Snooker or Pool Cues The Halo range of cue cases is manufactured from strong aluminium and offer excellent cue protection with sleek modern styling. The outer shell of the case is finished in a durable leatherette finish to create a luxurious finish to a fabulo..
Model: A2683
The stunning cue case from Peradon is designed for 3/4 jointed snooker or pool cues. The case offers ample protection with a padded suede leather interior and a covered solid wood construction. This case features a fantastic black leather look with attractive embroidery and has 3 compartments, ..
Leather 3/4 Cue Case Leather 3/4 Cue Case
Out Of Stock
Brand: Peradon Model: A2696
A stunning case of handmade leather, it is one of the few cue cases that looks as good in reality as it does in pictures, this Peradon case easily stands out from others.  Crafted with attention to detail, it first starts as wooden case that is then upholstered with leather of the finest qua..
Irish Flag Leather 3/4 Cue Case Irish Flag Leather 3/4 Cue Case
Out Of Stock
Model: A2696
 A ¾ leather case designed with the Irish flag in mind, made by Peradon, a patriotic addition to any serious Irish player’s collection.   Constructed with attention to detail, the case starts off as a wooden case and then it is upholstered with quality leather on the exterior with smooth r..
Brand: Peradon Model: A2603
MacMorran American Pool Cue Case holds 2 full size cues. Designed for a centre jointed/half cut 2 piece cue only. This cue case has a zip top to hold your cue securely inside the case whilst in motion. Inside the case has four channels two for the butt and two for the shafts. Vinyl exterior makes it..
Model: A2692
  Made from aluminium, this case gives players not only protection but also durability, two things which are very important in the storage of cues. The hinge gives the case its distinctive shape and is what makes it robust. To keep your cues safe, the case is supplied with premium chrom..
Model: A2673BLA
Made of aluminium that not only offers great looks but also superb protection, the Black Halo case has an exterior that is upholstered with a durable leather like exterior material finish.One of the integral parts of the case is the hinge. It gives the case its shape and is what makes the case so ro..
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